Bare Metal Servers

Choice of Intel Cascade Lake processors ranging in size from 8 Core, 192 GB RAM to 448 Core, 24 TB RAM. All machines have 4x25 Gb Ethernet and NVMe Based Tier 1 Storage configurable in 1 TB increments.

OLVM Hypervisor Management

Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager is a server virtualization management platform. It supports CPU pinning, an Oracle-approved mechanism to limit the number of processor cores that are counted for licensing.

Bring your own licenses

Servers are provisioned in regional extensions to Google Cloud. These are treated as co-location facilities for licensing purposes. Most enterprises should be able to transfer their existing Oracle licenses with identical terms and conditions.

inaBOX Solution

Complete, and low risk solution to integrate Oracle workloads with Google Cloud quickly and easily.

Common use cases

Lift and Shift

Move existing Oracle environments into the cloud “as-is” with support features like Real Application Clusters and older versions of Oracle software. Migrate ERP workloads like SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, and PeopleSoft with minimal changes to their configuration and customizations.

Move and Improve

Develop new systems using cloud native technologies while maintaining legacy applications. Integrate the new with the old where appropriate and isolate as required. Leverage Dito’s inaBOX | BigQuery solution to gain business insights from siloed systems. Migrate database workloads from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

Escape from Oracle

Save time and money by moving Oracle workloads to Bare Metal Solutions as a first step to migrating from Oracle - leading to millions in support and licensing cost savings. With Dito’s inaBOX for Bare Metal solution, you can move away from Oracle’s restrictive and expensive environment or improve your existing infrastructure and apps with key Google Cloud features and add-ons.

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